Saturday, March 16, 2013

Painting exhibition "Africa in Dreams"

"AFRICA IN DREAMS". I present this exhibition of painting in the room Estay based in Madrid 46 Hermosilla street, in this show try to show the wildlife of the African continent in all its grandeur and splendor trying to capture the incredible nature of the African world, as it is, a sample strong to fill anyone who visits.

The serenity and balance trying to play a role as an artist or in my work, it's amazing how many animals are facing difficulties with impressive composure. I try to capture reality as it is, with apparent simplicity in my compositional style, care for detail and harmony, for me the composition must be calm and have a pure light itself, I am meticulous in my work and I find or studies conducted before composing anything, the study of light and shapes are always present, I consider myself an artist researcher, observer, with a unique style, classic yet contemporary at the same time, try on some of my works that these convey a sense of being created apparently by chance, improve myself and learn every day is essential.

Few things are as the African continent when inspire a painter in the creation of their works and even more when it comes to nature and wildlife.

To me, all animals and especially the wild are extremely worthy of being enshrined on paper, tables or fabrics and transmit them with the vision given by the author to our society. The lion, elephant, leopard, buffalo and rhino are wonderful and amazing animals, also called the Big Five of Africa represent nothing beats

To learn more about this show, days, hours, ability to buy, etc ... click here I will be happy to serve you, thanks.

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