Thursday, December 26, 2013


I am pleased to report a painting exhibition "Notes on nature," which takes place on Tuesday December 3, 2013 to Sunday December 29, 2013 and since then is at your disposal in the Valle Inclan Cultural Center street Archbishop Morcillo s / n, Madrid...

It is not necessary to insist that ride well a fly fishing is an art. the combination of colors, shapes for a perfect balance, skill and knowledge of the habits of the fish you want to fish, is all without doubt the fundamental thing to know when riding a fly artificial.
The sport of fly fishing is a fascinating world that has no limit because it is not only to catch and release as many times our decoy into the water, but the observation of our waterways inhabited by fish, concern to excel and mounting as artificial, is what will lead us to the unlimited and infinite world that is fishing.

We will do our mounts small works of art. Just as in painting and sculpture, the wide range of possibilities and styles that spread with the combination of shades, colors and shapes, here too, there is no doubt that we will be of the most colorful imitations or other fainter, the photorealistic to the more abstract or surreal...!

To learn more about all this new exposure, as well as information on events, opportunities, offers, etc ... click here, I'll be happy to help you, thanks.

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