As I am passionate to this excellent sport and hopefully with experience I could get here I will present in a study of artificial fly tying have been conducted over several years and which consists primarily of drawings and paintings in watercolor of artificial flies for fishing, all made with great joy and love in both its assembly as paintings and drawings presented.

In this paper I try to mix beauty and effectiveness, try the person responsible for this get carried away and enjoy the fascinating world of artificial flies.

 Draftsman designer, have belonged to the European Academy of Arts. I have completed my studies and learning in the world of painting and drawing in various academies and schools
Painting exhibitions and several cultural centers and art galleries. Participate in fairs and events about nature.

Today I present my work and commercialized, which deal mainly still lifes and painting subjects of nature. I have exhibited work in various official centers and in private collections.

I start with the paint still very young.

My early work is mainly pencil sketches and some are even beginning to deal with animals. Animals always have me all excited about life or wildlife, but these bulls also something later. Within the African wildlife always been very special lions, cheetah, elephant, leopard, buffalo .... have always been inside me and even then I wanted to convey to others my feelings at that sense.

Fly fishing also formed a part of my work in painting, few things are like riding artificial flies and then transfer those assemblies to the paper by means of watercolors and pencils.

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