Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pictures of artificial flies for fishing II

I present another installment over photographs of flies as passionate to this excellent sport can not miss.

Style, finesse, precision and passion is the most important to me at the time of transmitting light and color of any of my flies for fishing.

Dragonfly nymph marabou

Mounting Thread:       Brown or olive

Fences:                       Marabou

Body:                          Marabou

Thorax:                       Marabou

Flanks:                        Black pen or barred

Head:                          Marabou

Eyes:                            Nylon burned

Hook:                          # 12 straight

Red ant

Mounting Thread:       Brown

Body:                          Lacquered red thread

Hackle:                       Brown pen

Wings:                        Brown feather tips

Hook:                         # 18 - 20 straight

Floating dragonfly nymph

Mounting Thread:       Brown or olive

Fences:                       Grizzly marabou

Body:                          Deer hair

Pins:                           Grizzly marabou

Head:                         Fine dubbing

Eyes:                          Nylon burned

Hook:                         # 12 - 14 straight

Caddisfly body tube

Mounting Thread:       Brown

Body:                          Body tube

Hackle:                       Brown pen

Wing:                          Brown feather fibers and c. d. c.

Hook:                         # 14 straight

Heptagenido parachut

Mounting Thread:       Red wine

Fences:                       Brown fibers

Body:                          Wine red thread

Parachut:                    Grizzly

Wing:                          C. d. c. natural

Hook:                          # 12 - 14 straight

Stonefly wing compact

Mounting Thread:       Brown or cream

Body:                          Fine dubbing

Hackle:                       Brown pen

Wing:                          Lacquered pen or compact

Hook:                         # 14 straight

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